The word “Saudade” derives from the Latin “solitas” in its archaic form of “soedade”, it is the genuine feeling of the Portuguese soul and one of the most present words in Portuguese love poetry and traditional music, namely Fado. “Saudade” is a mixture of feelings such as loss, absence and melancholy but also a memory of the good times that were lived.
It is believed that there aren’t faithful translations of the word to other languages since it is a word deeply connected to the Portuguese Discoveries.
The teardrop-shaped urn symbolizes the true feeling of “saudade”.

Production SPAL – Sociedade de Porcelanas de Alcobaça S.A.
Material Porcelain
Weight 1,376 kg (3,03 lb)
Bag Yes
Height 24,1 cm (9,49 in)
Diameter 24,7 cm (9,72 in)
Volume 2,8 litres
Finishing Glaze or Biscuit
Design RO.SE