Memory Keepers cremation urns allow you to keep the ashes of your loved ones in unique art pieces, preserving memories close to you in an easy and modern way.


What is Cremation?

Cremation is the human’s or animal’s body reduction process into smaller particles. It involves submitting the body to a temperature of approximately 1000 ° C in a specifically crematory. Almost all organic material is consumed by heat or evaporation. After cremation, ashes and some bone fragments are crushed to obtain a uniform texture.

Why cremation is the best option?

There are different reasons showing that cremation is more viable than burial. One of them is the preservation of the environment because burial can contaminate soils and even groundwater. In addition, there is also the respect that is given to the deceased: "From dust we came and dust we become...". Accelerating this process provides respect and dignity to those who parted.

Can I take the ashes home?

Yes. Ashes are delivered within a suitable container (urn), to those who have requested cremation, being able to freely choose the ashes’s final destination.